Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dubai is on Growth Mode-See How

Dubai is enjoying another boom this year; the growth will meet more dimensions that are significant. News obtains from Dubai International Airport indicates that annual passenger traffic will increase, might be it will reach to 66.4 million during 2013. The surveys show an increase of 15.2% and 28 new routes that serves almost 239 dimensions. The large of number of people rushed towards Dhow Cruise Dinner, they prefer the sightseeing sceneries and this chain boosted the industry. A large number of industry is boosted with traveling Cruise Dinner Dubai. Not even the kids but the people of all age love to stick with this evening that invites on an enticing evening.

Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai

As still now Dubai is based upon the continuous growth trend, the annual Arabian Travel Market road show was organized in Dubai at Dubai World Trade Center. This fabulous occasion witnessed participation from key industry players to conversant the marketing opportunities. The chances also stirrer that people who will come on this occasion will move towards Desert Safari Dubai to enjoy BBQ dinner and belly dance. This Dubai festival is a source to attract a large number of visitors from the whole world. If you have plan to visit this occasion then must move to the major attractions like Musandam Oman Tour and Evening Desert Safari Dubai.

Dhow Cruise Dubai
“The Dubai success story continues with increases right across the board. It is difficult to imagine that growth slowing anytime soon, especially with Standard Chartered Bank estimating that at least US$ nine billion will be invested in Dubai’s  infrastructure ahead of the Expo 2020,” said Mark Walsh, portfolio director, Reed Travel Exhibitions. The participants of UAE at ATM will compile regional as well as International Travel segments like Rotana Hotels, the Jumeirah Group, Arabian Adventures, Etihad, FlyDubai, Emirates, Jebel Ali Hotels and Address Hotels.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Oman to project tourism sector at Arabian travel show in Dubai

Oman Tourism will boost up with leading marketers. Recently the Arabian Travel Market road arrived in Muscat city at Seasons Hotel. The tourism sector will grow together and will mark up the marketing opportunities to present Oman’s Tourism objectives. Oman is popular in the tourism industry for the Musandam Khasab Oman and Musandam Oman Dibba. These are two major attractions of Oman and also a source of exclusive entertainment. Like Dubai, Tourism Oman is doing focus upon to develop its tourism industry developments. This year it is decided that Arabian Travel Market will exhibit the Oman Ministry of Tourism, supported by Muriya Tourism and Oman Airways.

The Development of New Resorts and Hotels – Oman Top Priorities

A proper plan of infrastructure is shaped; developments for transport on large scale will be done. Expectations are in coming next year’s fruition cost will reach to $50 billion. It was revealed by figures from a detailed worldwide research company Aranca, that declared that as of July 2013, Oman is now enjoying a huge growth in its current hotel development pipeline of the Middle East as well as North African countries, according to survey during July 59.9% on 4,577 rooms. You can enjoy Wooden Dhow Cruise experience in Oman. "Oman is a country with a fine-tuned vision for its tourism industry and is forging ahead with plans to build a premium destination targeted at discerning travellers," said Mark Walsh, portfolio director at the Reed Travel Exhibitions. 

The Khasab Oman Tour and Dibba Trips has already boosted the hospitality sectors as it has rolled several properties in the recent days all over the Oman like Jebel Al Akhdar, niche resorts in Omran, at Khasab (Musandam), the Holiday Inn Muscat and Best Western Premier Hotel in Muscat.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Special Cruising On The Dubai Marina

Going for a special Dhow Cruise at Dubai Creek is something very extraordinary that must be tried by everyone at least once a while in the whole life staying in Dubai. If some friends or families are coming to you then you must give them a treat of Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai so may they can see Dubai from different aspect. The Dhow Cruise Marina proffers an unusual view of Dubai as the inspiring lit up dhows cruises in gentle mode through a serial of superbly iconic landmarks like stunning Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Marina Yacht Club, amazing Burj Al Arab, Atlantis Hotel and spectacular Palm Jumeirah.

There are numerous tours operators who are offering Dhow Cruise Dinner services, rather here are some handful who serves people with special dhow Cruise Dinner Package. Thus one can look for that side less rushed rather one might also require to reserve a package sometime early particularly during tourist season. The Special Dinner Package will include snacks, refreshments, entertainment on the boat, international cuisine and other wonders where you will surely gaze. The decorated wooden boat will serve with great source of thrill and streamline of entertainment. 

All the Cruise boats are fully equipped with safety gear and special qualified captain operate this. Moreover, first aid kit is also provided on it. One can easily forget into the beauty of the Cruise, while sitting on the upper deck you can see your kids playing. Sometimes it turns too cold specially in winter month. Really this is an awesome thrilling evening for you and your family.

Is underwater tourism site on the cards for Dubai?

The sound of underwater tourism is attractive, as at first glance it possesses attention of anyone. Reef Worlds and Reef Developers are in mood to introduce a new change in Dubai so many more visitors come to this adventurous city. Tourists who have already tasted the Cruise Dinner Dubai can analyze about the underwater tourism site as what impression it will have upon the people. The  ground-breaking underwater tourist designed will swap a capital of $3 billion dive and lead the tourism market, might be on the cards for whole United Arab Emirates. 

Reef Developers is grounded in Los Angeles and focusing upon developing sustainable underwater tourism sites that will define clearly underwater world. Reef developers have decided of holding tourism market, so they want to design site in such way that it can present like an ancient lost city. This will definitely capture the snorkel and dive regions enhance the scope of additional habitat creation. People who love to move around the water world or have craze for sightseeing place can be enthralled with underwater tourism site. But you have to do wait for this, but if you want to go through the same level of experience then Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai will be best choice for you.

He continued: “The Reef Worlds brand is all about sustainability and the creation of new habitat while at the same time adding instant tourism revenue and excitement to waterfront resorts.” He added that the company would work with selected resort partners on unique underwater habitat projects that “directly support our clients’ sustainability and revenue goals”. Dubai is listed on top when Reef worlds is thinking to expand so be the part of this expanded city visit any famous destination of Dubai as Dubai Creek and make your moments memorable.

Khasab Oman Tour-Pours Real Entertainment

Some weeks ago, my colleagues and me went on a trip to explore the attractive Musandam fjords located near to Oman. The purpose of this Dhow Cruise was to see dolphins live. We have some foreign delegates with us who were wild to see Arabs customs. The Musandam Khasab is real place with natural attractions and some enormous activities that greets tourists of the whole world. The journey start about 6:AM and then we set off to the Khasab Oman Musandam, the whole way we notice a visible change in the landscape, during this my friends spotted green patches and water bodies and some old unique houses.

Our experience at Khasab Oman Tour was memorable, after 45minutes drive we reached at Oman border. After some moments the real magic of the trip started, on one side there was serial of mountains located while the other side has pristine blue Green Ocean. Every next curve unfolds presence of Musandam Waters dotted with Dhows. After some moments we were at the right spot from where trip was started, we board on the wooden dhow it some portion of the dhow was red, some green like a complete chili milli experience it was. This was pure Arabian Majlis and we get more closely with juice and fruits. 

Once the boat cruises, the trip of Khasab Oman takes tourists to a dream world where doorway is magnificent Musandam fjords. Here you enjoy the cool breeze and take lunch. Most probably if you are lucky you also take a glimpse of Dolphins. Apart this we saw numerous junctures like groups jumping, swimming and competing of dhows on this stuffing trip. With this all thrill and sweet memories enjoy the sun rays we came back. The whole Musandam Oman Tour was sweet and relishing as my colleagues with the lasting memories.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tourist service providers in Dubai told to buck up

The Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing is shaping up all the service providers. They are professionalizing all the tourism industry by sponsoring them and training them to worldwide congresses all over the globe that will place them ahead of other in selling Dubai to visitors. DTCM Executive Director for Corporate Support, Ibrahim Yaqoot in an interview with Khaleej Times told, that DTCM is serving all service provider from concierges to front desk and housekeeping staff of hotels as well as tour guides licensing and training. Hopefully this will be a source of encourage for people and will support visitors from the whole world to trust Dubai is working for tourists encouragement. Most probably, the crowd will rush to the Dubai Creek.

“We train all tourist service providers on customer service, tourists’ attractions, and teach them how to make sure the guests are happy while in Dubai. We support, train, sponsor their trips to international congress outside UAE, network with them, push them to learn various logistics related to Dubai tourism.” On the other Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing will give complete assistance through a special ten-day course that will also include a guide for Desert Safari Dubai.

“You should be proud of what you have done so far. Keep providing excellent service in solidarity, and learn to be proud of your efforts,” he said. Vrettos lauded Les Clefs d’ Or UAE for succeeding in so short a time in establishing an important 41st country-member of UICH, which few of their ranks could do. “You have done so many and so much in so many,” he said. Charles Ferrer, national president of  Les Clefs d’ Or  UAE recalled the members of the institute to top concierges by constant promotion of the legends of willingness to be modest, dedicated and unswerving to perform things for the guests and quickness to place into achievement what they must do. “Just do it.”

Sunday, 9 February 2014

How Expat Parents Can Spend Quality Time with Their Children

According to recent news, parents are unable to give their children proper time when they are growing up from a significant age factor. This news is revealed by a recent survey conducted in January, it results that an average expatriate parents living in UAE give just 50minutes to their kids on a normal working day while on weekends 75minutes. This all is because of modern life pressure like increased workloads, internet and TV has close invasion to life. This whole situation is eating time of family but you can get rid of this all very easily by organizing trips on weekends with your family as can take them for Dinner at Desert Safari Dubai. Well the latest poll shows for the UAE’s expatriate families have estimated families have some more 11 hours together in a single week. So for best time for family bonding plan best places for visit like Dubai Creek.

There is another fact is being seen, when families do get together more than 50% prefer to quality of time for them quality of time is not family, they love to spend time in front of TV, dong homework, playing video games, playing online games etc. To overcome the frightening situation that has horrible effects upon the mind of children Government has planned some places where you can go and have entertainment. No avoid future problems and to get rid of multiple issues you need to spend enough quality time with your kids as some Sightseeing place or at Overnight Desert Safari Dubai. Currently Dubai Government is looking to develop further places so maximum people can spend entertaining moments.

Experts also have opinion to go open beaches and places that can absorb the anxiety of your workload and releases you from stress so may you can enjoy with your family on the Dhow Cruise Dinner Marina. “In later life, such children are at higher risk of developing mental health issues including mood disorders, anxiety, eating disorders, and substance abuse. They are also more at risk of dropping out of school/college or having lower than expected academic achievement,” explains Dr Ali.