Sunday 9 February 2014

How Expat Parents Can Spend Quality Time with Their Children

According to recent news, parents are unable to give their children proper time when they are growing up from a significant age factor. This news is revealed by a recent survey conducted in January, it results that an average expatriate parents living in UAE give just 50minutes to their kids on a normal working day while on weekends 75minutes. This all is because of modern life pressure like increased workloads, internet and TV has close invasion to life. This whole situation is eating time of family but you can get rid of this all very easily by organizing trips on weekends with your family as can take them for Dinner at Desert Safari Dubai. Well the latest poll shows for the UAE’s expatriate families have estimated families have some more 11 hours together in a single week. So for best time for family bonding plan best places for visit like Dubai Creek.

There is another fact is being seen, when families do get together more than 50% prefer to quality of time for them quality of time is not family, they love to spend time in front of TV, dong homework, playing video games, playing online games etc. To overcome the frightening situation that has horrible effects upon the mind of children Government has planned some places where you can go and have entertainment. No avoid future problems and to get rid of multiple issues you need to spend enough quality time with your kids as some Sightseeing place or at Overnight Desert Safari Dubai. Currently Dubai Government is looking to develop further places so maximum people can spend entertaining moments.

Experts also have opinion to go open beaches and places that can absorb the anxiety of your workload and releases you from stress so may you can enjoy with your family on the Dhow Cruise Dinner Marina. “In later life, such children are at higher risk of developing mental health issues including mood disorders, anxiety, eating disorders, and substance abuse. They are also more at risk of dropping out of school/college or having lower than expected academic achievement,” explains Dr Ali.


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