Friday 14 February 2014

Khasab Oman Tour-Pours Real Entertainment

Some weeks ago, my colleagues and me went on a trip to explore the attractive Musandam fjords located near to Oman. The purpose of this Dhow Cruise was to see dolphins live. We have some foreign delegates with us who were wild to see Arabs customs. The Musandam Khasab is real place with natural attractions and some enormous activities that greets tourists of the whole world. The journey start about 6:AM and then we set off to the Khasab Oman Musandam, the whole way we notice a visible change in the landscape, during this my friends spotted green patches and water bodies and some old unique houses.

Our experience at Khasab Oman Tour was memorable, after 45minutes drive we reached at Oman border. After some moments the real magic of the trip started, on one side there was serial of mountains located while the other side has pristine blue Green Ocean. Every next curve unfolds presence of Musandam Waters dotted with Dhows. After some moments we were at the right spot from where trip was started, we board on the wooden dhow it some portion of the dhow was red, some green like a complete chili milli experience it was. This was pure Arabian Majlis and we get more closely with juice and fruits. 

Once the boat cruises, the trip of Khasab Oman takes tourists to a dream world where doorway is magnificent Musandam fjords. Here you enjoy the cool breeze and take lunch. Most probably if you are lucky you also take a glimpse of Dolphins. Apart this we saw numerous junctures like groups jumping, swimming and competing of dhows on this stuffing trip. With this all thrill and sweet memories enjoy the sun rays we came back. The whole Musandam Oman Tour was sweet and relishing as my colleagues with the lasting memories.


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