Tuesday 11 February 2014

Tourist service providers in Dubai told to buck up

The Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing is shaping up all the service providers. They are professionalizing all the tourism industry by sponsoring them and training them to worldwide congresses all over the globe that will place them ahead of other in selling Dubai to visitors. DTCM Executive Director for Corporate Support, Ibrahim Yaqoot in an interview with Khaleej Times told, that DTCM is serving all service provider from concierges to front desk and housekeeping staff of hotels as well as tour guides licensing and training. Hopefully this will be a source of encourage for people and will support visitors from the whole world to trust Dubai is working for tourists encouragement. Most probably, the crowd will rush to the Dubai Creek.

“We train all tourist service providers on customer service, tourists’ attractions, and teach them how to make sure the guests are happy while in Dubai. We support, train, sponsor their trips to international congress outside UAE, network with them, push them to learn various logistics related to Dubai tourism.” On the other Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing will give complete assistance through a special ten-day course that will also include a guide for Desert Safari Dubai.

“You should be proud of what you have done so far. Keep providing excellent service in solidarity, and learn to be proud of your efforts,” he said. Vrettos lauded Les Clefs d’ Or UAE for succeeding in so short a time in establishing an important 41st country-member of UICH, which few of their ranks could do. “You have done so many and so much in so many,” he said. Charles Ferrer, national president of  Les Clefs d’ Or  UAE recalled the members of the institute to top concierges by constant promotion of the legends of willingness to be modest, dedicated and unswerving to perform things for the guests and quickness to place into achievement what they must do. “Just do it.”

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