Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Experience Cruise Tourism by Oman, Abu Dhabi and Dubai on Single Spot

With the announcement of Expo 2020, GCC has started planning different adventurous that can sustain the attention of the tourists. Recently three major states announced a mutual partnership to give a boost to the Luxury Yacht Cruise tourism in the GCC, Dubai department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Oman Tourism Ministry and Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority.  The partnership is planned upon a Cruise Gulf Road show that will held on November 25 to 3rd December taking tour of different cities in the GCC. The basic purpose of this trip will be to increase the number of residents in the region who thinks Dhow Cruise Dinner Marina the best part of their holiday.

Moreover, the joining of this cruise tourism will increase the awareness of the Gulf and will enhance the skills of the regional travel trade agents to do trade in Gulf sailing out of Dubai.  The delegation was consists upon three representatives appeared from three tourism authorities, apart this MSC and Cruise Line Costa visited innumerable GCC neighbors during six day roadshow. Setting goal to an overall audience of 400-450 leading best travel agents and concern key stakeholders. After this roadshow reached Kuwait, Bahrain, Riyadh, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Al Khobar. On each event presentations and special speeches by Oman Tourism, Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing and TCA Abu Dhabi, were pursued by Costa Cruises and MSC. 

Dubai is actually the cruise hub of the expanse; this has an outstanding state of the art infrastructure as well as services. This also includes the largest facility in the Middle East that is maintained to be augmented further by materialistic expansion during 2013-2014 seasons.  The Emirates is actually the central point for the world’s cruise and specially deals with Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai. Now three states will perform together Oman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi to give a peak level to the cruise industry.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Dubai is Ranked World’s Best Travel Spot- Must you know why

All we know the most admiring city Dubai is hosting expo 2020, just a couple of days ago it was selected to host the world expo 2020 conventions, the most sparkling city of Dubai is also ranked on top “the leading destination at the twentieth edition of the World Travel Awards that was held in Doha during weekend. The city of most inspiring superlatives, central point of some of the world’s most inspiring architectural and fully engineering feats and honor with multiple Guinness records, in these days grabbing the attraction of tourists for its Evening Desert Safari and leading hotels such as Burj Al Arab and the new one hotel popular as JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, the most tallest hotel. Not this leading spa resort is also the source to hold the attention of worldwide tourists “Jumeirah Zabeel Saray”.

Musandam Oman Tour

Interestingly, Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai and Overnight Desert Safari also ripped an award in an amazing category, drubbing the Caribbean and the tropics are highlighted with a name to the world leading beach resorts. The Dubai has no comparison in all entertaining factors whether this is a line of entertainment connected with Musandam Dibba Oman where you can experience the fertility, the lush green vegetables and the wooden dhow moves through the green water. Because of increasing traveling the economy is turning at upward point and best airline Etihad Airways is now cementing its status is gold standard category in airlines services.

 You will feel lucky while traveling to this Emirate as it has abundant secrets to reveal in front of you that is the reason it is listed among the top best destination as it has variety of shopping malls and innumerable entertaining spots with best swings. You have different choices to change your mood like the visit of Dubai Creek.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dhow Cruise Marina Explores Dubai Civic – A Must See Evening

If you want some curious entertainment moments or want some hilarious evening with your close friends? An entertainment that is doesn’t surround near to musical symphonies, not any theatre or any performance but just with ambiance you have a catch over mind and soul. The Dhow Cruise Dinner marina is suspicious for all age and has some triumphing thrills for the tourists as they get 5 star buffets on the floating cruise and some tastes from the world best chefs. Dubai Creek has the power to freeze someone, the developed architecture alongside creek works like handcuffs.

Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai

The Dubai Marina is the canal city that exhibits the Venetian customs; this is carved alongside a 2-mile stretch represents the Persian Gulf shoreline.  The lighted dhows, the soothing cool breeze gives tourists a lifetime memorable experience as they take a slope into the air with trifling thrills. The drifting thrill begins from the Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Marina Yacht Club, some appealing private beaches, worldly popular Palm Jumeirah located with the tempting Atlantis hotel, the host of the international five-star hotels with their attractive architecture. Not thrill ends here you also explore the Burj Al Arab from outside dissecting the Palm Canals. 

A thought provoking style of seeing Dubai is just to tap the Dhow Cruise Dubai Dinner. The traditional wooden dhow is like a dream or not less than a painted pictures boat that sails on water in its own mood. The Marina Cruise Dubai confronts with best breathtaking landmarks and best attractions that can steal away the soul of someone with ease. Stunning scenery of the golden mile, ferns, near and very personal to the amazement covering canal cove town homes on the palm purchased by the worthy the famous. Also you will see the signature villas, garden homes and much more.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Take a Delicious Meal on the Musandam Dibba Oman Trip

Musandam Tours are the landmarks of Dubai. These are located far away from Dubai near to Oman Sultanate but the thrill presentation is same as Dubai. This is a full day entertainment with miscellaneous activities and some thrill-oriented environment along with international cuisine. If you are in Oman or near to UAE and still miss from this heavenly place then here is an opportunity for you to take a look of this most exciting Dibba tour that unfolds some heavenly excited places for you.

Musandam Oman Tour

On the Musandam Dibba Tour the food served to you is really unusual. The special BBQ meal is Musandam Dibba greatly engaging as well as spicy. The BBQ taste provided in Dibba Trip is quiet amazing; the flavor of all foods is exclusive because this pertains to the chefs of the Musandam Dibba. Everyone must take trip once a while in life. The inspiring sandstones of the Dibba Oman are quiet vibrant golden and looks like gold because of the striking sunrays that has a fully pushing level on Musandam Dibba. In this era, sandstones are considered unique within the qualities as well as shape. The tops of the mountain of the Dibba are elegant and one can experience hiking through Musandam Dibba Tour

Musandam Dibba Oman

For the individuals who are looking to submerge their moments or want to experience some physically entertaining moments for them Khasab Oman  is supreme place they can experience it all here as this is loaded with sheer beauty and you can possess this place on your vacations. It does not matter in which corner of the world you are staying because for all people it has same level of attraction and grasps the attention of all people in a quick and easy way.

Musandam Khasab Oman Explores sizzles on the Wooden Dhow

Few days ago we all make plan to visit the heaven of Oman non another most attractive Khasab Oman Trip. We all go for this Musandam Tour on weekend and really spend an amazing time rather because of the short time we just visit Khasab and remain deprive of visiting Musandam Dibba Oman. If you are interested to explore Musandam Peninsula then you must have a long weekend because these two places need your full attention. You can approach here with ease as you can drive, fly on a ferry because this is fully in your budget.

If you will drive by yourself then it will be easy and cheap for you rather you need to drive about 500 KMS besides having to reach the UAE border. You can also take a flight for this state. If you finish driving to the Khasab start to make a plan for your journey memorable and also give assurance that you come to know about the exact border crossings where you will take the journey through the UAE and after take your turn back to Oman. If we want to enjoy till the core of heart then must you drive to the mountains side, Eastern side. The arrival will support you with abundant activities including fishing and swimming in the water where everyone can see you. The Oman Musandam Tour is really very absorbing and thrilling as well.

If you are the one who has love for real nature or want to absorb into fantasy world then take a step into the Musandam Khasab Oman Tour. This is really the beautiful part of Oman with thrill evoking levels and some aspects of nature that compels everyone to stick with it for memorable moments. So restore you particular time period and enjoy the most famous Oman Tours as it has the ability to restore tourists.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dhow Cruise Dubai Dinner is the Most Preferable Evening

An evening that becomes more entertaining as the time passes on the buildings, the food sniff and ambiance whole atmosphere captures your soul. Spend a holiday that is sustain in your mind for a long time and you will feel relaxed and soothing too. Every entertainer has different remarks for this Wooden Dhow Cruise Dubai, if you are the one who want some chill or looking to roll up your moments then Dhow Cruise Marina is the gateway that will add chill to your golden moments. No doubt the holiday ideas vary in every mind rather all of you will enjoy this Dubai Creek. Here is huge variety of popular world destinations where visitors love to go and among them Dubai is listed on top.  This proffers abundant mysteries, fun, thrill, frolic and sizzling adventurous for the visitors.

Dubai is the most developed Emirate with innumerable offerings. This is one of the most grabbing highlight of Dubai holiday can be on Dhow Cruise Dubai. Rather this is an interesting cruise with sentiments, fun, entertainment and multiplies your thoughts into excitement just with single journey. A wooden Cruise Marina could be rifled easily by following the most common trends that enforces it to become more interesting choice as the customers avails a lot to choose from. The most amazing part is entertainment and the serving facilitated on board. The tourists who have been staying in Dubai are excited to embark on the Dhow Cruise Dinner Creek.

The style of entertainment on the Dhow Cruise Dinner begins from the dance on Arabian music, attractive belly dance performed sometimes on the DJ music and a background music in slow voice as per the changing mood is settled.  One has no sufficient words to describe the feeling that overwhelms one person from the core of the heart. Here are innumerable holiday packages that give presentation of dhow cruises and manage different plans for extraordinary excitement.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Oman Musandam Tour Entices the Worldwide Tourists

Musandam, a peninsula blessed with breathtaking views and almost surrounded with the Sea of Oman and Strait of Oman is an amazing tourism destination that is charming to the visitors round the year. Musandam Dibba Tour and Musandam Khasab are some of the most beautiful coastlines of Oman, located between the mainland Oman and the UAE in the north. Musandam is called a unique destination because it has some of the most diversified geographies that include serrated limestone mountain range of Hajar dropping dizzly into the sea, emerald blue sea full of planktons supporting fantastic marine life and, of course, the other flora and fauna unique only to Musandam. 

Also called the Norway of the East due to the fjords that are formed due to continuous cutting of Hajar mountain range by the strait of Oman, MusandamOman Tour is a study of ancient history the traces of which is visible even today. The deep inlet of fjords are host to exotic marine life including bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles and various types of birds. Musandam is an outdoor aquarium presenting fish of various colours in their natural setting of green and blue corals.

Excursions in boats and traditional ships give the visitor unforgettable enjoyment, while diving fans at the beautiful coral reefs can plunge to their hearts’ content. Archaeological sites also abound in this area. Khasab is the Governorate of Musandam’s regional centre and is located 570 kilometres from Muscat. Khasab Port is located in the far north of the governorate and takes its name from its fertile soil. Khasab Governorate is famous for its magnificent villages and the thrilling roads that lead to its mountain tops. People have an extraordinary attraction towards the Musandam Oman Wooden Dhows. There are daily flights from Muscat, by sea in fast ferries and by car through a road that cuts through the United Arab Emirates to reach Khasab.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

A Well-Hooked Experience on the Sea with your Beloved

My friends advised me to must have experience of the Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek so I decided to reserve one evening on the Dubai Creek. I booked for the Cruise Dinner for a boot that is made of wood. I do it on quick basis because through internet I completed the whole process and learn more about the boat. Before I do not have recognition about the boat but with this research, I find the truth of the wooden boat so this whole scenario supported me and bloated my thrills. From this time my dream for the trip started and I planned to must take my camera with me so I can capture the moments also the true Arabian style. At last the night came when we got the chance to see Emirate in an ancient style, on arrival we are served with drinks and nuts and my friends appreciated the outfits that women wear on serving us. The whole ambiance was really admiring.

Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai

On the Cruise Dinner Dubai we feel relax with the detachable stairway and the design of the boat is simple but elegant with pretty impression. This has hallmark of different shaded miles and gives a wonderful experience from the distance. By casting a glance outside the sea from the deck there are innumerable dhows of other companies that floats with you on the sea and meanwhile you have a look upon the sky that is illuminated with floating stars. Desk were put on the both sides of the deck so all people can avail an amazing perspective of a round. The good thing of Dhow Cruise is that this place is for all people because here is you have an international cuisine with veg and non-veg dishes. 

Dhow Cruise Dinner Marina

The ferry was on constant sail in the sea and very near to the Dubai high structures, inspiring illuminated and well soothing. Gliding alongside the attractive Dubai ocean looking the attractive lights on the conventional Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina gives you an experience of the authentic Arabian night and delicious food too. On this Dubai creek you will be bound to say awesome evening.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Attractions of Musandam Khasab Oman

Some weeks ago, we planned a tour for Oman Musandam. The beautiful fjords were attractive and have power to hold someone eyes for some moments. Musandam Khasab Oman is in the neighbor of Oman. My friends planned to book a half day dhow cruise for the Khasab Musandam because we all want to see the love Dolphins and their dance too. The tour operator told us that we can see Dolphins in Khasab not in Musandam Dibba. After this on our holidays we go to the Khasab Musandam Tour in the early 6:00AM and after some moments started enjoying the visible change of the landscape, we spotted at the water bodies, enjoy some inspiring patches of the emerald old houses.  

From this place the serial of magic and entertainment started. The attractive Musandam Khasab Oman landscape is captured with mountains in our camera. On one side there were mountains while on the other hand pristine blue Green Ocean inside the road. Every single curve unfolds the views of serene Musandam waters is dotted with inspiring dhows. After some time by asking about the direction finally we reached at the black Arabic Majlis cushions. We feel relax and sat on our seats and enjoy a relish time with tasty fruits and juices. Once the cruise started its journey we get closer to the attractive fjords. 

We enjoyed a lot especially when the cool breeze touched our face. On the Khasab Trip you feel closer to the nature as you are standing between the sea and land enjoying the nature the sailor and dolphins as well. All the people on the Wooden Dhow steps towards the either sides to have glimpse of the playful dolphins who takes a deep dive into the sea. We experienced all of their junctures as they swim alone and in groups as well. They perform like humans as they jump high in the water and then go down. This was really an entertaining day that can change the mood of someone in easy manner.

Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai Entertains Tourists with the Best Thrilling Moments

Dhow Cruse Dinner Dubai is an evening that has some best thrills for the tourists. This is the unique experience that will stay in the memories for a long period. This is considered a lifetime experience that gives tourists an optimistic approach to look forward for unique tours. One can imagine the experience of taking a dinner in the center of the cool water enjoying the belly dance and background music. The falling night overwhelms the senses and stems into the memories for a long time. Here tourists have complete choice of entertainment and can take sips of their favorite drink and choose their favorite food while sitting on the boat. The Floating Restaurants prepare the whole food for the visitors. 

Dhow Cruise Dinner Creek

No matter what are your requirements, what are your wishes or what you have dreams, this wooden Dhow Cruise Dinner Marina will give you a chance to come up with your all dreams and secrets. The mesmerizing lights of the Dubai Creek will possess tourists when they will quietly sailing under the starry night and the lit of the moon spread over the sky. This whole inspiring trip proffers visitors a golden opportunity for sightseeing, entertaining a joyful gourmet cuisine, floating slowly on the cool and calm waters as well as soothing the ears of the tourists with some Arabian symphonies. Here you will disclose innumerable entertainment aboard a dhow cruise. These stunning cruises will link up you with the old history of Dubai. 

Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai

The most thrilling portion of this Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek is that one glide down towards the glistening creek where one experiences the uplifting sense of erudition in Dubai. Here are some cruise operators who facilitate with decorated Cruise ships and also greets with amazing traditional Arabic drinks. The Arabian symphonies in the thundering nights will be amazingly heart rendering. The attractive belly dance is also a way to hold an attraction of someone and normally coupled with inspiring music. The cruise features a particular special air-conditioned upper open deck and lower deck so may one can have abundant entertainment while staying on board.