Tuesday 12 November 2013

The Attractions of Musandam Khasab Oman

Some weeks ago, we planned a tour for Oman Musandam. The beautiful fjords were attractive and have power to hold someone eyes for some moments. Musandam Khasab Oman is in the neighbor of Oman. My friends planned to book a half day dhow cruise for the Khasab Musandam because we all want to see the love Dolphins and their dance too. The tour operator told us that we can see Dolphins in Khasab not in Musandam Dibba. After this on our holidays we go to the Khasab Musandam Tour in the early 6:00AM and after some moments started enjoying the visible change of the landscape, we spotted at the water bodies, enjoy some inspiring patches of the emerald old houses.  

From this place the serial of magic and entertainment started. The attractive Musandam Khasab Oman landscape is captured with mountains in our camera. On one side there were mountains while on the other hand pristine blue Green Ocean inside the road. Every single curve unfolds the views of serene Musandam waters is dotted with inspiring dhows. After some time by asking about the direction finally we reached at the black Arabic Majlis cushions. We feel relax and sat on our seats and enjoy a relish time with tasty fruits and juices. Once the cruise started its journey we get closer to the attractive fjords. 

We enjoyed a lot especially when the cool breeze touched our face. On the Khasab Trip you feel closer to the nature as you are standing between the sea and land enjoying the nature the sailor and dolphins as well. All the people on the Wooden Dhow steps towards the either sides to have glimpse of the playful dolphins who takes a deep dive into the sea. We experienced all of their junctures as they swim alone and in groups as well. They perform like humans as they jump high in the water and then go down. This was really an entertaining day that can change the mood of someone in easy manner.

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