Wednesday 20 November 2013

Oman Musandam Tour Entices the Worldwide Tourists

Musandam, a peninsula blessed with breathtaking views and almost surrounded with the Sea of Oman and Strait of Oman is an amazing tourism destination that is charming to the visitors round the year. Musandam Dibba Tour and Musandam Khasab are some of the most beautiful coastlines of Oman, located between the mainland Oman and the UAE in the north. Musandam is called a unique destination because it has some of the most diversified geographies that include serrated limestone mountain range of Hajar dropping dizzly into the sea, emerald blue sea full of planktons supporting fantastic marine life and, of course, the other flora and fauna unique only to Musandam. 

Also called the Norway of the East due to the fjords that are formed due to continuous cutting of Hajar mountain range by the strait of Oman, MusandamOman Tour is a study of ancient history the traces of which is visible even today. The deep inlet of fjords are host to exotic marine life including bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles and various types of birds. Musandam is an outdoor aquarium presenting fish of various colours in their natural setting of green and blue corals.

Excursions in boats and traditional ships give the visitor unforgettable enjoyment, while diving fans at the beautiful coral reefs can plunge to their hearts’ content. Archaeological sites also abound in this area. Khasab is the Governorate of Musandam’s regional centre and is located 570 kilometres from Muscat. Khasab Port is located in the far north of the governorate and takes its name from its fertile soil. Khasab Governorate is famous for its magnificent villages and the thrilling roads that lead to its mountain tops. People have an extraordinary attraction towards the Musandam Oman Wooden Dhows. There are daily flights from Muscat, by sea in fast ferries and by car through a road that cuts through the United Arab Emirates to reach Khasab.


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